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The plot is creative and exciting and makes you want to keep reading . . .
Doris Davidoff
Exciting and imaginative page turner.
Steve and Judy
A fun adventure for kids of all ages
W. Kristich
Right from the front cover art and from start to finish I was drawn in by The Crossing. This is a great book for anyone, and I highly recommend it. I liked the characters and the lend of imagination and real history. This is a very entertaining story for all ages, easily readable, and very well structured. After explaining it to her, even my young daughter can’t wait to read it!
Andrew Kristich
A great travel experience for young people to read about
Irena Xanthos
I though The Crossing by Alex and Robert Watson was a well-written story about time travel that recounts the Battle of Trenton. The modern day characters were appealing and tied in flawlessly with the historical figures and events of that time. As a teacher, I can see how this story can engage students on the historical aspects of the Revolutionary War while teaching about great storytelling. Congratulations on succeeding in keeping your reader guessing until the very end! I foresee The Crossing and other future books in their Time Zone series becoming a fantastic television series.
Rosita Darden